At Mora Recycle we treat data privacy with high priority. We provide industry certified secure erasing of your confidential data that may be contained in your computer for recycling and IT and computer for disposal. As you will be aware the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect from 25 May 2018. Therefore all types of equipment that comes through our warehouse are thoroughly checked and destroy stored data.

  1. Which data wiping programme do you use?

Ans: Data stored on hard drives storages are physically destroyed with drills or customised WEEE shredders. Alternatively, for reuse propose we use an industry approved software. Certificates of destruction are issued upon request. Contact Us

  1. Are there any additional charges for the data deletion service? If yes, please can you provide me with a pricing list?

Ans:  We will use an industry approved software, hardware and technique to securely, confidentially and permanently wipe, erase and destroy information that may be contained in the hard drives that we collect. At the end of the process, an industry certified certificate of data wiping, erasure and destruction is issued. This service may be chargeable.

  1. We really care about what happens to our waste. Can you tell me more about where the equipment will go? And what will happen to the devices?

Ans: We aim to prevent WEEE going to landfill by encouraging its reuse, recycling and recovery so as to minimise its disposal. To achieve this, we adhere to a system which provides for the management of WEEE using best available treatment, recovery and recycling techniques. The cornerstone of our IT recycling and computer disposal activities is to ensure that such operations are carried out in such a way that environmentally-sound re-use and recycling of components or whole computers and IT equipment is not hindered, taking into account not only safety but also environmental considerations and the desirability of reuse and recycling. To this end, we prioritise the reuse of used and old computers or IT equipment and their components, subassemblies and consumables.  We seek to recycle, re-use, repair and refurbish as much of the incoming WEEE as possible so that the highest possible volume of electrical and electronic equipment is made available to UK based second users in the commercial, social or private sectors. Electronic waste in London is the main cause of 70% of the overall toxicity. Read more

  1. Do you cover the whole UK with your service?
    Ans: We do cover the whole UK, however, this service is chargeable

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