These days, electrical disposal has never been made easier thanks to the abundance of reElectrical Disposal Yorkshire WEEE IT Recyclingcycling companies all over the London area.  Sometimes electrical goods can reach the end of their useful life or simply fail to the point where they stop working again, so the last thing anyone wants to do is throw them in the black bin!

This is why sometimes electronic goods have a symbol like this one below:
 Electrical Disposal Yorkshire - WEEE Leeds RecyclingWhat that usually means is that you shouldn’t discard them item in a regular trash can, as this ends up in landfill & pollutes the surrounding environment.More often than not, these items can be recycled & reused by various companies either for commercial purposes or charities.So even that old TV, Laptop or Washing Machine can all be recycled one way or another.

What kind of electronic goods can most Electrical Disposal London based Companies, like Mora Ltd accept?

Most will take electronics such as TVs, PCs, Apple devices, Fridges, Freezers, Office electronics, washing machines/dishwashers, kitchen electronics.

For a full list of goods that we collect, you can click here to find out more

If you decide that it is time to discard your items,  key things to remember are:

  • Disconnect your goods safely, and then put them in a secure box. Make sure no one else has access to these (some goods might have sensitive information such as laptops, phones, tablets etc..)
  • For large items such as fridges, washing machines, vending machines, kitchen electronics – allow them to cool down first, then disconnect them safely.
  • Once you’re done. You can either drop off the goods anytime at our warehouse during our opening times
  • The alternative, you can click here to make a booking – Our driver and his van will pick up the goods for you anytime!
  • If you still need help or are unsure about something – then feel free to contact us

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