Why Should Large Corporations Take Part?


Technology has become an integral part of the fast-paced business world. Now more than ever, large corporations are expected to take a proactive approach to eco-friendly business practices.

As large corporations typically accrue and use a lot of electrical equipment, they arguably have a major responsibility to invest in eco-friendly computer recycling to minimise their business’ impact on the planet. CITD Ltd computer recycling services provide businesses seeking a cost-effective and responsible way to recycle large amounts of computer equipment with a convenient pickup and disposal service – with 100% of e-waste materials diverted from landfill.

Importance Of E Waste Recycling

Here are some of the reasons why your large corporation should adopt computer recycling as part of its corporate social responsibility program.

Build Your Reputation As An Environmentally-Conscious Business

The explosive growth of the electronics industry, combined with shorter product life cycles, has caused a rapid acceleration in the production of e-waste across the globe. By taking a proactive role in computer recycling, your business can demonstrate its commitment to sustainable business practices, strengthening its reputation in the community.

Protect Data Security

With secure computer recycling, any data saved in your business’ electronic equipment is irreversibly destroyed to ensure your privacy. Using a reputable computer recycler is the best way to protect your business’ and customers’ confidentiality.

Recover Some Of The Costs Of The Original Purchase

As large corporations typically spend a lot on electrical equipment each year, using a computer recycling service is an excellent way to reclaim some of the original purchase cost through a rebate. At Computer IT Disposal Ltd, our e-waste disposal service includes providing rebates on large volumes of electrical equipment whose working parts still have resale value.

Contact The E Waste Recycling Experts

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