In an increasingly tech-oriented world it is normal to accumulate a lot of e-waste and media. Antiquated cell phones, printers, and computers can accumulate, taking up valuable office space. But improperly disposing of E-waste can be environmentally costly and jeopardise your business’s security.

Why Is It Important to Destroy Electronic Waste and Media?

Popularised by Hilary Clinton’s now infamous e-mail deletion scandal, we learned that there is a difference between wiping your electronic devices of sensitive information and merely deleting it. Your electronic waste and media retain information that can be sensitive to your business and accessed by unauthorised users with bad intentions. Contacts, client information, and other confidential data can remain on your device, even when you think it’s gone. CITD’s E-waste and electronic media destruction services will:

  • Permanently remove information from your computers, mobile devices, tape drives, and any other devices your business uses.
  • Protect your staff members from potentially hazardous materials such as broken glass, dangerous electrical components, and sharp plastic.
  • Clear storage rooms cluttered with out-of-date equipment.

CITD Ltd is equipped to haul e-waste and media from your office and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way that erases all data.

What Is the Environmental Impact of E-waste?

Each year 40 million metric tons of e-waste are produced globally with only 13% recycled. The material that is not recycled at approved facilities often falls into the hands of struggling people in developing countries who are exposed to a host of toxic metals, such as lead, and often release harmful greenhouse gas emissions by burning invaluable parts.

CITD Ltd will provides a safe and effective alternative to prevent the growing problem of e-waste and its impact on both your company’s security and the environment.

To receive a free quote for e-waste and media destruction, call CITD Ltd at 0203-014-4926


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