Services for Computer Recycling and Data Destruction in the London Area


We are often asked how far we will go to pick up redundant computers and IT equipment and with a name like Computer IT Disposal, we can kind of see why!

Although we are based in London we can offer a truly citywide Service; whenever possible by collecting equipment ourselves, or by using some of our carefully selected and accredited partners throughout the UK.

Some of the services we offer are very specialised and niche so can warrant a bit of a journey to collect a customer’s equipment whereas the more basic waste disposal services for small amounts of obsolete equipment we can offer probably don’t justify a long journey and are better server by someone nearer the customer.

We now have a larger collection vehicle that means we can collect more equipment from customer sites which helps justify a longer journey and increases efficiency for our customers and ourselves.

Simply contact us to see how we can help with your secure computer disposal requirement, no matter how large or small.

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