These days we’re more connected than ever before thanks to the advances in technologies.  Hospitals, Businesses,  Schools, etc… all have their offices filled with computers that record confidential information for ease of network access instead of relying on paper and this helps save the environment (as less paper is being printed).

However, there comes are a time where one of these organizations need an IT overhaul which involves replacing PC’s, Printers, Screens, Fax Machines and such, with new replacements that take their place.

Speaking of recycling,  sometimes the IT equipment disposed of may still contain sensitive information that cannot ever land in the wrong hands, these items can include:

  • Hard Drives  (inside the computers or laptops)
  • Tablets
  • CCTV Recorders (footage inside CCTV camera boxes)
  • Fax Machines / Answer Machines (they may contain saved messages)
  • Tape Recorders
  • Office Network Drives
  • Servers / Office Central Units
  • Flash Drives / Portable SSD Drives / USB External Drives

Many IT Disposal Recycling companies all over Yorkshire include facilities for secure data destruction.  A government licensed secure it data destruction company like Mora recycle provides off-site & on-site secure facilities to make sure all data is destroyed in various stages, including software wiping, formatting, block by block erasure government agency style, and also physical destruction until the items are in shreds of pieces.

But best be assured when you dispose of your IT equipment with us, we also issue certificates & also detailed information on how we treated your data for destruction.

Please remember to backup your information BEFORE you allow us to destroy your old equipment. If you’re not sure about anything, just send us an email & we’ll be more than happy to help:)

“We deliver great services at Mora Recycle Ltd”

Secure IT Data destruction is unrecoverable!

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