CITD is a leader in managing the complete lifecycle of electric and electronic assets.

Our mission is to encourage reuse whenever possible.  With a premier data security solution, we can guarantee 100% erasure and/or destruction of sensitive data for all of our clients. We strive to achieve maximum recovery of natural resources and a zero landfill objective when products are at their end of life.

  • Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (WEEE)
  • Onsite Data Destruction Services
  • IT Lifecycle Support Services
  • Consumer Electronics Returns Management
  • e-Waste Weekly/Monthly/Yearly Recycling Services
  • Free Collection and Disposal

Why Us

We provide environmentally responsible solutions that ensure digital data destruction. We reinforce our overall sustainable business model, and closed loop approach to responsible electronic recycling.

Our local, all-inclusive process facility is strategically located near population centres, allowing us to provide customised programs which:

  • Minimize freight costs and simplify logistics
  • Ensure environmentally responsible handling and disposition of all electronic equipment
  • Offer convenience
  • Can minimize greenhouse gas emissions
  • Provide defined chain of custody and for complete compliance requirements
  • Guaranteed and documented digital data destruction
  • Financial stability
  • Global footprint to solve global problem
  • Breadth and depth to handle most complex logistics
  • Comprehensive list of materials handled
  • We’re registered with the Environment Agency as an Authorised Treatment Facility and can guarantee compliance with regulations, including the WEEE Directive, Duty of Care and Data Protection Act.

Why should you recycle technology?

With the rapid expansion of technology, electronics such as mobile devices, laptops, computers, servers, routers, monitors, televisions, and printers are continually being replaced, creating a vast amount of e-waste each year. These discarded electronics often end up in landfills or are exported to countries with little to no environmental or pollution regulations, which can have a major environmental impact in our communities, and in other areas of the world. Many of the materials found in electronic devices are extremely hazardous. This includes lead, mercury, and cadmium. When mishandled, these devices can release toxins into the soil and/or atmosphere. In addition to the environmental concerns, many devices contain personal information, creating another means in which your identity can be stolen.

Computer IT Disposal encourages you to collect your electronics and recycle them responsibly. At CITD ltd., your electronics will be properly recycled, and data containing devices will be destroyed in a safe and secure manner, compliant with the highest standards in the industry. Simply click here to start the process, and have the comfort of knowing that your electronic devices and sensitive data will be handled properly, while protecting you and the environment.


Quality New, Used & Refurbished Computer and IT Products

As a WEEE Certified Electronics Broker and Recycler and Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, it is mandated that all of our IT products are fully tested for functionality, graded, cleaned and refurbished prior to sale by our team of qualified hardware technicians. Depending on the IT product type and the IT products worthiness, we run a magnitude of system diagnostics testing, as well as eradicate all client data before any item is made available to third parties!

At CITD Ltd, we offer a wide variety of new, used and refurbished computer and IT products for sale, which include: Laptops, Desktop/Tower Computers, Tablets, Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Load Balancers, SAN/NAS Storage Systems, Telecom, VOIP Phone Systems, LCD Monitors, Hard Drives, CPU’s/Processors, RAM, Host Bus Adapters, I/O Cards, Test & Measurement, Lab, Medical, Industrial and much more! Please use the form to get in contact with a member of our team.