How can you participate?

Join our mission today and help us bring technology to charities. You can help us by donating your old electronic devices but also with your time, economic donations or connections. Partner with us and help us make a positive difference!

 c1Donate: Donate your unwanted digital devices to us. No matter the condition, we will fix and donate them to those who need it more. Check out our Transform it program for more information about the advantages of donating your old electronic devices and how to participate.
 c2Volunteer: Our team members and volunteers are essential to us and we are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. Contact us for available positions.
 c3Get computers or nominate a community to receive them:  If you would like to apply for computers for your humanitarian or non-profit organization, please, apply here.
 c5Sponsor: You don’t have any digital devices, but still want to help? For an average sum, you can fund the collection, refurbishment and delivery for a whole computer set for a specific charity in need..


We’re registered with the Environment Agency as an Authorized Treatment Facility and can guarantee compliance with regulations, including the WEEE Directive, Duty of Care and Data Protection Act.