Given the potential cost of a data breach and in light of the ever-changing technological landscape, businesses must be especially wary of the danger posed by their retired office equipment.  In practice, this means maintaining physical control and inventory records of unused equipment.  It also requires identifying and removing the data-bearing components of the equipment and destroying or sanitising those components so that the information they contain cannot be released into the wrong hands.

In some cases this can be easily done by the company’s IT department.  A competent electronics recycler or asset management partner can be very helpful when an additional layer of security is desired or there is not a local IT resource on site.

How Computer IT Disposal Ltd Can Help
CITD specialises in data security and its personnel are trained to discover and remove all types of data-bearing components – hard drives, flash drives, magnetic tape, and disk media from a wide variety of equipment.  Once removed, the data is destroyed following guidance established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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